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  • Improve operating conditions
  • Ensure safe and legal vehicles
  • Promote wellbeing for drivers

With more than 4 million vans registered in the UK, it is a common misconception that there is no legislation governing van drivers and van operations.

Due to their size and weight, vans can be driven and used for anything – right?

Wrong, in fact very wrong. With an increase of roadside stops for vans and the average fine per offence in the region of £972, it doesn’t take long for van drivers and owners to figure out that vans which don’t comply with the rules, regulations standards and procedures can be a costly experience in fines, let alone additional costs for recovery and repair.

NFRC is pleased to be partnering with National Highways and their Driving for Better Business (DfBB) programme, to recognise the importance of managing work-related road risk effectively in business. The actual costs associated with work related road crashes can be as much as 30 times the immediate costs, many organisations do not realise these hidden costs, nor do they capture or measure them. Many collisions involve third parties, which can have moral implications on a business that stretch beyond the reported costs. The HSE estimate that "more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time.

The DfBB programme helps employers in both the private and public sectors reduce work-related road risk, control the associated costs, and improve compliance with current legislation and guidance. The programme is free to access and contains useful online tools and resources to help organisations evaluate practices, strengthen culture, enhance performance and demonstrate leadership in the management of work-related road risk throughout their workforce. The DfBB programme offers NFRC members a strong safety culture that values worker safety, health and wellbeing and helps protect other road users.
Gary Walpole

Gary Walpole

Safety, Health & Environmental Officer

The Van Driver Toolkit

Working with the National Highways Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Team, we have produced a series of driver information online modules to assist van drivers and fleet operators in dispelling uncertainty and myth. You can share the whole toolkit with your drivers, or you may prefer to share individual modules whenever you want to check understanding of best practice, or reinforce your driving for work policies.

The toolkit will help you implement best practice for what is required to reduce costs, improve operating conditions and ensure safe and legal vehicles and wellbeing for your drivers.

All resources are available in Email PDF, Print PDF & Responsive Webpage formats