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Did you know?

  • Theft of vans has been increasing over the last 5 years. Over 12,000 vans were stolen in 2022.
  • Thefts from vans is also a massive problem with 34,000 thefts in 2022.
  • Most thefts from a van occur where the driver parks at home.
  • Thefts of contents are often opportunistic and may occur kerbside when the vehicle is being used.
Theft of content from vans, often tools and packages for delivery, frequently cause significant damage to the vehicle and make it undriveable.

Criminals have developed sophisticated techniques aimed at bypassing vehicle anti-theft devices such as ‘jammers’ to intercept the signal between a key fob and the vehicle, leaving the vehicle unlocked and vulnerable to theft.

Make sure the indicator lights flash back at you to show the vehicle got your signal and locked, and that it wasn’t jammed.

To stop the keys signal being relayed put them in a faraday pouch (signal blocker).

Thieves will be less likely to target a vehicle if they believe they might be disturbed.

Best practice tips

  • Always park in a place that is well-lit and open to public view. Use car parks that are security patrolled or covered by CCTV.
  • Clear away any evidence of tools, equipment, packages for delivery and personal belongings from view when leaving the vehicle.
  • Stereos and sat-nav should not be left on view when the driver is not in the vehicle.
  • Letters, bank statements or forms of identification should not be left in a vehicle.
  • Alloy wheels can be a target for thieves, so protect them with locking wheel nuts.

Vehicles in the UK fitted with keyless entry and ignition systems (which allow the vehicle to be opened and started without taking the key from a pocket), are susceptible to being driven away in seconds.

Adding visual deterrents to the vehicle is a good way to avoid theft. The use of steering locks and a pedal box, blocking access to all the vehicle’s pedal controls, and having additional visible locks on vans will put thieves off attempting to drive off with the vehicle.

Vehicle keys should never be left unattended in public and when at home, keys should be kept out of sight and out of reach.

Even when in slow-moving traffic or stuck in a jam, a vehicle is at risk of theft. Windows should be closed, all doors locked and valuables kept out of sight.

Always make sure you’ve locked all doors and closed windows when leaving your van only for a short time.

Tradesmen and delivery drivers are often targets for opportunist thefts of vans and their contents.

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